indah nya SEOUL SOUTH KOREA... (part 1)

alhamdulillah.... last 2 week during semester group and I Bachelor In International Business final year 2011 flying to Korea for our education trip..venue SEOUL SOUTH KOREA...journey tittle  "A JOURNEY TO THE SOUL OF ASIA-SOUTH KOREA" what the da bOOM that is it.... the experience around 5 days 4 night at Korea ..what I can say actually going to Korea is one of the my life list... the place that I will be visit and tak sangka pada umur 22yers old I already fly to Korea.... U know Korea...haaaaaa yes the expenses must be very expensive but as as mention in my previous post my family always be there to help solve all my problems...the day that we go actually already ending autumn and will be early u guys can imagine by ur self...that the whether bit cold for me..but I can still adapt it... hehehehehe its different with Malaysia so that actually one of the most precious experience for me be foreigner in the foreign country...hahahahahaha many things that we did there and many places that we visited for instance Korean palaces, Malaysian embassy, shopping centre, Hanyang University in Korea, kimchee School, and the best part  that we go is EVER LAND it just like Disneyland and I already try the most steepest roller coaster in the world inside Ever God only Allah know what I heart pumping like a Hell..that was very extreme for if U flying to Korea I suggest U need to go there It worth...ok just by now...I will continue later in the second part of my journey to Korea..2nd part will be relate what I feel towards my buddies...because when we go travel with friends actually we can know them better. so there's some picture for you guys...:)


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